AMCB 10

 AMCB 15

 AMCB 20

 AMCB 25


 10 m3/hr.

 15 m3/hr.

 20 m3/hr.

 25 m3/hr.

Capacities above 25 m3/hr. are tailor made.
Portable concrete batch plant with reversible drum is an alternative option for contractors looking for an inexpensive concrete making machine. The concrete batching plant can be easily towed by use of a tractor. The highlight of these concrete mixers is that they occupy very less space and are easy to use. The ready mix concrete plant is built with reversible drum mixer as mixing unit. When the drum moves in clockwise, mixing takes place and when the drum moves in anticlockwise direction, discharge of concrete takes place. There is individual weighing for aggregates, water, cement and additives in the readymix concrete plant.
No ramp is required for feeding of materials into the aggregate feeders of the concrete plant. The concrete discharge height is such that the ready mix material can be discharged into the concrete pump directly. An optional load out conveyor can be supplied with the concrete equipment to put the material directly into the transit mixer.
Aggregate feeders
Aggregate feeders


2 x 2 bin aggregate feeder is provided with pneumatic operated gates.

Air compressor controls the pneumatic operated gates. The placement of air compressor is near the feeder of the plant and hence it is very easy to maintain and transport.
Weighing conveyor


Weighing conveyor is suspended on four load cells. It lies just below the feeder bins.

The weighing conveyor weighs and transfers the aggregates to the feeding conveyor.
Feeding conveyor


The feeding conveyor is between the weighing conveyor and the mixing drum. Its job is to transfer the aggregates from the weighing conveyor to the mixing drum.
Weighing unit


Weighing unit is of weighing of cement, water and additives. All the units are individually weighed before transferred to the mixing drum.
Mixing drum


Mixing drum is made with extreme precision as it is subject to most torture. When the drum moves in clockwise direction, mixing is done and when the drum moves in anti-clockwise direction material discharge takes place. The flights are carefully designed in such a way that it throws out even the smallest of the particles.

Mixing drum drive motor is connected to gear box by a V-belt pulley. This drives the mixing drum. It minimizes vibration and is also less on maintenance.
Lubrication system for mixing drum


A single point lubrication system is provided to lubricate all the eight moving parts of the mixing drum.
This makes the maintenance part of the drum trouble free.
Cement storage


Cement storage of capacity 1500 kgs. is provided with the plant. Additional cement storage can also be provided with the plant.
Control panel
Control panel


PLC panel is provided with the plant. The panel is very compact in size enhancing the concrete plant's mobility.

User friendly software ensures smooth operation of the plant. Upto 99 recepies can be stored. Plant can run in auto as well as manual modes.
Control cabin


An optional control cabin can be provided with the concrete batch mix plant.
Concrete discharge


Concrete discharge is done when the drum moves in anti-clockwise direction. If the material output needs to be discharged into a transit mixer, a conveyor belt can be provided.


Transportation of the plant can be done in a single trailer or a single 40 ft. container.
15 cum/hr. portable concrete mixer machine near Dhandhuka, Gujarat
Concrete mixing plant of 20 m3/hr. near Saputara, India
Portable ready mix concrete plant installed in Chennai, India
Concrete mixing plant - capacity 20 m3/hr. near Mundra, Gujarat
Portable concrete batch plant in Dhandhuka, Gujarat

15 m3/hr. portable concrete batch plant in Dhandhuka, Gujarat. This plant is with a reversible drum type mixing unit. This equipment has separate weighing fr aggregates, cement, sand, water and additives. PLC control panel is used to run the plant in auto or manual modes.

Portable concrete mixer

Mobile concrete plant with reversible drum mixer is a compact batch mix plant which can be easily taken to sites and it facilitates quick installation. Available in capacities 10 m3/hr.; 15 m3/hr.; 20 m3/hr. and 25 m3/hr.

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